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Capital city of the region of Tuscany, Florence lies on the Arno River (crossed by several bridges, among which the Ponte Santa Trinità and the Ponte Vecchio) and was a Medieval center for commerce and culture and cradle of the Italian Renaissance. Among the several museums that can be found, such as the Uffizi, the Accademia, Pitti Palace and the Bargello, the city in itself, with its architecture, is an "open air" museum. No wonder it's historic center is part of the Unesco Heritage since 1982.

San Miniato is one of the most beautiful churches is Italy, with its fine Romanesque structure. The church is dedicated to San Miniato - Florence's first martyr - beheaded in 240 during anti Christian persecutions. Next to the church it is possible to buy some liquors and honey made by the Olivean monks. Santa Maria del Fiore, in San Giovanni Square, is the result of six centuries of work. Arnolfo di Cambio, Giotto, Brunelleschi, Gaddo Gaddi, Paolo Uccello, Giorgio Vasari and Frederico Zuccari, all contributed to give it all the beauty it has, and the distinctive idea of being turned inside out. Just in front of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Battistero is another masterpiece, built between 1059 and 1128. Michelangelo christened the bronze doors with relief sculptures by Ghiberti (XV century), the gates of Paradise. Inside, other chef d'oeuvres by Donatello and great mosaics from the XIV century.

Why not spend some time drinking in the renaissance atmosphere of Florence and give yourself the flexibility of the city by renting a Florence apartment. You can see the sights, make your own schedule and for the more adventurous try to cook some of the local cuisine. Whatever you visit to Florence renting an apartment is the best way to experience the city.

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